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The   regenerative agriculture  for defense and respect for

environment  is more than an alternative, it is a way of understanding life.

paramo arroyo, vino ecologico, ribera del duero, bodega paramo arroyo

The  regenerative agriculture for defense and respect for   the environment

Our family with a long winemaking tradition, cultivated the vineyard and produced grapes in a respectful and sustainable way since the 50s.

In 2003 our first Organic wine was released, being one of the first in the Ribera del Duero.

Since then, our objective has been marked by our commitment to Nature, to which we owe the happiness of obtaining extraordinary wines that are respectful of the Earth.

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An agriculture that is born from the systemic nature of life and the need to regenerate the land.

A proposal that harmonizes agriculture in the fabric of life. It is about generating new ways of relating to nature.

The biodynamic perfect balance

between the earth and the cosmos , between nature and living beings

The use of the astronomical calendar, as they did in the past, guides the entire vineyard yearbook: planting, fertilizing, pruning and harvesting.

We carry out viticulture and oenology work according to the lunar cycles and the position of the planets.

A  happy vineyard  in Pedrosa de Duero .
Pioneer winery in Organic and Ecological agriculture since 2000.

The only winery in the Ribera del Duero

100% ecological.

paramo arroyo, vino ecologico, ribera del duero, bodega paramo arroyo

Ecosystem Protection
Birds, insects and small mammals in coexistence with flora give us life and wine.

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