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These are  our roots ,

those of the   children  from Pilar and Alejandro:

Teresa, Blanca, Dulce, Alejandro, Lina, Fernando and Miriam

paramo arroyo, vino ecologico, ribera del duero, bodega paramo arroyo

The inheritance of our parents

"In these hawks we saw how our mother braided with skill and perfection

the vine shoots that later served us to warm up and roast the chops; and like me

father meticulously prepared small sacks where he put the sulfur for later

teach us how to apply it to the vine. "

Nature as a priority.

We want to live in harmony with the earth and the cosmos.

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arcalle - nov 18 2020 158.jpg

Three of the seven brothers work professionally in the winery: Alejandro is the industrial technician, he takes care of everything that moves and nothing can resist him; Fernando is the vine grower, the one who takes care of the vineyard, making it happy and Lina is an agricultural engineer and winemaker.

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